Worksheet | Commission Payment

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Thank you for your interest in a custom personalized tallit [example1, example2, example3, example4, example5, example6, example7]. To complete the worksheet, first enter your contact information. Indicate the date that the tallit will be needed, allowing at least 8 weeks for a basic tallit and possibly longer with a more elaborate design involving embroidery (check with me first, if you aren’t sure).

Select a size – 5 common sizes are indicated, or specify any other size you wish.

Select a fabric type and color. Rayon or tencel are similar and interchangeable with a nice drape and feel. Silk is often lighter in weight than the rayon. Other fabrics that may be used are wool (warmer) or organza (sheer).

The atarah [examples: atarah, atarah on riband, atarah on linen] may be plain or decorated with piecing, appliqué, embroidery , stamping or calligraphy. If decorated, there may be a motif or a text. The text may be: the prayer for enwrapment [embroidered atarah on riband], the traditional parental blessing for sons or daughters [embroidered atarah], a line from the pirkei avot, a line from your Torah or Haftarah portions.

The sides may be decorated with simple stripes or another motif, which may be done in piecing [example pieced tallit], appliqué or embroidery [right and left sides of embroidered tallit] or decorated with stamped or silk-screened images. Specify your main colors and if you would like accents of gold, silver or copper. Motifs might be star of David, floral, pomegranates, vines, etc.

The 4 corners are reinforced so that the tzitzit don’t tear the tallit. These corners can be personalized with calligraphy [example] or embroidery [example]. For a bar/bat mitzvah the 4 corners might have: a) secular name; b) date of event or birth date; c) Hebrew name; d) date of event (Hebrew) and/or the Parashah name. These are suggestions. If you have another idea, suggest it and I’ll let you know if I can do it.

The tallit comes with a basic cotton bag – either zippered [example] or envelope style [example](specify your preference). The bag may be decorated to match your tallit and/or personalized with your name or another motif. Specify the color.

Your tallit or tallit bag may be further personalized with fabric from a tie worn by your father or grandfather, embroidery from an antique tallit bag [example], or a piece of lace or embroidery done by your mother or grandmother. Let me know if you have something you would like to use and we can discuss how to incorporate it. If you have some appropriate artwork that you or a relative have done, it might be possible to incorporate it. Let me know what you have and I’ll try to work it in.