"I searched the web and looked at a lot of sites. Tallitotbymichelesaunderskoppelman.com just stood out for a couple of reasons. I liked your work and the personality that seemed to come from it. It hasn't got that "assembly line" feel! It's obvious that you love doing what you do, but it's also obvious that the pieces you make are about the person who receives them and not about you, the artist. I thought that you'd make us something that was personal and tasteful, and you did. I guess that explains it as well as I can. I just had a feeling about what we'd get from you, and I was right.

Just wanted to let you know how THRILLED Alison was with her tallit. The color, the size, the style, everything was perfect. It really added to the joy of the occasion. Thanks again!"

Charlie R

 Regarding new service of tallit repair and restoration:

"Dear Michele,
Thank you so much for the careful, detailed, beautiful, skillful job you did repairing & restoring my tallis! After many years of loving use, surviving a fire and the resulting damage by dry cleaning chemicals, I had nearly resigned myself to living with the tears and discoloration on this tallis of great meaning (it was purchased in honor of my daughter's becoming a Bat Mitzvah) Your work is amazing. The love and care and skill you put into your work is evident in the outcome; I believe it is even more beautiful than it was when new! A miracle & a mitzvah.... I am eternally grateful to you..... Todah rabah...."
Dale W

"Hi Michele, Thank you for your very expert work on cleaning and repairing my Tallitot. I will wear both of them with renewed pleasure now that they are so beautifully restored to their original appearance."

 Shalom, Neil S